Christopher Graham, Coventry Conversations, 29th June 2012

03-07-2012 by CUOnline

Christopher Graham, UK Information Commissioner:

‘Publish or not – the right to privacy versus the right to know’

As the UK Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham gave evidence earlier this year in the Leveson Inquiry, the ongoing public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press within the UK.

Christopher’s career began at the BBC as a radio and TV journalist and progressed to the role of Secretary of the BBC. Most recently, prior to his current appointment in June 2009, he was director-general of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

John Mair, senior lecturer in journalism at Coventry University, said: “With Leveson Inquiry clearly altering the journalism landscape, Christopher Graham is a good beacon to guide our search for truth. Plus as a journalist turned regulator, he can offer an interesting perspective from both sides of the journalistic coin.

“I am delighted Christopher is able to share his thoughts, opinions and experiences with us here.”

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