Jim Crowther on Popular Education and Higher Education

30-06-2009 by Dr Gurnam Singh

In this podcast, Jim Crowther, Senior Lecturer in Education at Edinburgh University explores the ideas associated with popular education and their relevance to higher education. Through reflecting on his working class roots and educational journey, as an adult learner, Jim offers a unique insight the ways in which the underpinning ideologies and practices associated with critical pedagogy and popular education can be deployed by academics, in their role as teachers and researchers.

Download MP3 (61:09min, 86MB)

Sarah Amsler on Critical Pedagogy, Critical Theory and Critical Hope

30-06-2009 by Dr Gurnam Singh

In this podcast, in conversation with Gurnam Singh, Sarah Amsler, Lecturer in Sociology at Aston University shares some of her own praxis in this area critical pedagogy. In particulalr, she discusses the relationship between critical pedagogy, critical theory and the sociology of ‘hope’. In doing so she talks about how critical pedagogy come to life in many roles as a teacher/researcher/activist/citizen.

Download MP3 (46:46min, 66MB)

Mogs Russell on the Workers Education Assciation (WEA) and Popular or Informal Education

30-06-2009 by Dr Gurnam Singh

This podcast contains a conversation between Mogs Russell who works for the Workers Education Association in Birmingham, UK and Gurnam Singh from Coventry University. The discussion explores the history, politics, practices and ideas associated with the Workers Education Association in particular and popular and informal education more generally.

Download MP3 (48:20min, 67MB)

Professor Maggi Savin-Baden on the Learning Innovation Group

31-10-2008 by Dr Gurnam Singh

In this podcast Maggie Savin-Baden, Director of the Learning Innovations Group at Coventy University gives a overview of the history of the group and some of the exiting projects that are currenty underway or in the pipeline.

Download MP3 (7:25min, 10.6MB)

Dr Stephen Cowden on Critical Pedagogy

08-11-2007 by Dr Gurnam Singh

In this podcast Dr Stephen Cowden, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University discusses the idea of critical pedagogy. He explores the relationship between critical pedagogy, emancipation and Marxian thought. Specifically, he highlights the contributions made by the Brazilian radical educationalist, Paulo Freire and the French sociologist and public intellectual Pierre Bourdieu to his own understanding and application of critical pedagogy.

Download MP3 (25:54min, 24MB)

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